Scalextric 1/32nd Classic Hot Rod Rules


All cars should be of hard plastic / resin bodied construction. Plastic scratch built under chassis may be used other than standard fit.

Metal bodies must be requested to us before use.

All cars must be of a retro form ie escort mk1 /2 anglia, mini , mk1 cortina , viva down graded capri by permission (capri's at Rockingham will be termed super rod staus) etc.

Motors should be standard to the car unless scratch built which is 18,000rpm . Replacement 21,000 rpm may be permitted. The club will eventually stock spares.

Pinion and crown gears may be replaced, although if an overall advantage is seen they will be asked to be changed.

Replacement mrrc style contact boards are allowed in scratch builrt cars.

Cars must not exceed 5 oz in weight , lead ballast weight may be added freely.

But must be stuck down.

Rear tyres must be standard scx , scalextric slicks or can be replaced by club tyres currently available at cost price of £2 per wheel and tyre. These are mrrc tyres. No tyre softener or sponge tyres allowed. Front wheel choice is free but there must be some on the car.

Painting is of free choice , if a replica car then your number must be on the roof via sticky labels prior to meeting.

Newcomers will be graded at white roof . Again don’t worry if its a replica car about painting the roof.

Cars will start in grade format white, yellow, blue, red ,superstar, gold.

Cars permissible.

Escort mk1 or 2 , Cortina mk1 2 3 , Herald, Mini , Metro Opel ascona or manta , Anglia, a35, a40 ,Hillman Imp, Avenger, Viva, Bmw 323 (early version) Scalextric Capri , other capris must have motor downgraded.

There are some controllers available but preferably if you could get one of your own.

Race Format will depend on number of cars attending , ther will be a number of heats and a major Final plus b Final if poss.

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